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My musical ramblings – gig and album reviews, music news and views

About Ruthsmanuvas

In case the name wasn’t a hint, I’m Ruth. I’m an ex-journalist Yam Yam/Brummie now living in Leicester and working in the world of press and PR.

You’ll find most of my musical musings/drivel on this page – gig reviews, album reviews, some links to sites, some bits of news and a lot of opinion on the subject that manages to get the lion’s share of my money and spare time. I try to put them up on time, but sometimes they do end up being a tad tardy, so apologies for that folks!

Oh, and the name is a tongue in cheek nod at Roots Manuva, in case that wasn’t blindingly obvious and cheesy enough for you.


Hope you enjoy reading 🙂


One Response

  1. Hey there. My name is Christian McKee. I am a 29 (nearly 30!!) singer songwriter from the UK.
    To date I have self produced 2 EPs and 5 full length albums, and am currently finishing off my latest EP.

    Stumbled across your blog from a link form another site and thought I would drop you a line.

    My main reason for writing is to see whether you would be interested in hearing my latest EP which is now complete (at last)
    Maybe see what you think and see if it’s something you would be interested in reviewing? I can send you a hard copy or send you a link for a free download.

    You can hear the first song off the EP right on the front page of my website

    Anyhoo, hope this email finds you well and look forward to hearing from you.


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