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The Spine Tingler #3 – The 2 Bears – Church

This post has been a long time coming (over a month!) so sorry for my tardiness on the blog front…

Signed to Southern Fried Records, The 2 Bears are made up Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell – a South London club promoter and DJ.

I first heard Church on Annie Mac’s show in the middle of November on a drive back home to see the rentals. Without wishing to plunge you knee-deep into soppyness, the sun was setting as Raf’s love-soaked, soft Cockney-vocals wove in and out of the melodic steel drums – characteristic of Hot Chip’s sound. It’s a little bit two-step, a little bit house, with a whole load of extra bits of influence from the pair’s DJ sets added in. At the end it even comes over all anthemic, so the line ‘Hey now, hey now, let’s get up together’ gets etched firmly on your brain for days.

I defy you not to love this.

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