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The Spine Tingler #1 – Chemical Brothers – Swoon

Sitting watching another England World Cup performance that’s about as inspiring as dry toast on a hangover, it occurred to me it was probably a good time to start ‘The Spine Tingler’ series – my song of the week, unreleased, new, old, rediscovered. Whatever. Just something that sends a smile to my face and quickens the heartbeat every time I hear it.

At the moment, It’s Swoon by The Chemical Brothers, from their new album, Further. Tom and Ed have a homely, ‘aw bless ’em’ feel about them, which makes their albums feel like comfy dance sweaters I’m always willing to shove on the iPod.

Swoon just feels a little bit special. It’s a lo-fi, somewhat slower paced stunner that builds and builds to a trip-hop, techno bassline, over breathy sighs and a hook that rings in your ears for days.

The Chemical Brothers – Swoon

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