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The Paddingtons – The Lady Boy Tapes EP (12/04/10) – Review

The Paddingtons

Hullensians are apparently a wordy lot. Some Australian author called Peter Porter once called it the most poetic city in England, but those creative juices clearly took a less conventional route in Hull’s indie protagonists, The Paddingtons’ latest EP, The Lady Boy Tapes.

Despite the grubby title, it seems that this fivesome have scrubbed at the dirty finger nailed punk and instead, have produced a vastly over polished, over produced version of their former selves.

Back in 2005 when they first burst onto the scene with debut album, First Comes First, you couldn’t help but take note of The Paddingtons. Pete Doherty was their friend; Dior snapped the drainpipes and braces look up to make them part-time models – they were definite hate to love but love to hate candidates. And songs like 50 2 A £ and Panic Attack were snarling, punchy, riff-engorged and relevant.

Three years later, No Mundane Options managed only to stagger into the consciousness of few but their loyal cohort.

And so to the new material, which kicks off with Consequence – a track that nicks some of the musical traits of Weezer and the bad bits of recent Green Day (which are plentiful) and merges them into one song, leaving a melody that is so regurgitated you wish you could instantly forget it. Strangely, Walking In The Rain feels like virtually the same track, but doubled in pace.

Adam Green’s guest American drawl on Ladyboy provides welcome satire aimed at people who pay for the ladyboys of Thailand and Hull. It’s a track along the lines of Presidents of the United States of Americas’ Peaches, but with a, “I’ve got a penis, you’re in between us” smack of blatancy around the face.

It would be a relief to say the same for Pity Plenty, but the band’s scratchy, cocky-yet-charming aura just doesn’t surface. And Wrong Un’s title promises lyrical Yorkshire wit but in reality delivers a bitter tale of a broken heart full of clichés.

 It’s telling that The Lady Boy Tapes EP is just five songs long. This feels like a toe-dipping exercise to see if their social comment and grotty punk is still digestible, but the problem is that it doesn’t even match the material on First Comes First. Since then, the band has even been beaten to Hull’s hall of fame by the brief arrival of Nigerian footballer, Jay Jay Okotcha to Hull City FC. It’s a worthy upstaging though – God told him to go there.

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