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Bear with me

Well this appears to be my first blog.

I’m not really sure where to start so I might just post a few of my old reviews later so there’s at least some material up here!

All I know is that I’ve been meaning to do this for ages as my reviewing attempts for websites have been a bit sporadic and fruitless – mainly because I go to about 5 gigs in one month then none the next, so it never really gets off the ground.

At least from here I will be able to satisfy my need to ramble on in a semi-creative way about the latest albums I’ve heard, comedians I’ve seen, bands I’ve loved/hated/felt nonplussed about and general goings on in the world of music.

And it can’t be bad combining the two (well two-and-a-half if you count my, as yet, burgeoning love for live comedy) things I love to do most…

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